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70457Re: Micro with chine runners?

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  • gefinn_othni
    Jul 26, 2014

      ---In bolger@yahoogroups.com, <c.ruzer@...> wrote :

      awesome post. his book, ow resistance boats, was a huge inspiration for me and inspired my to design and build a sprit rig for my dinghy; which turned out to be the perfect rig for that boat and has given me years of great sailing...almost two decades, in fact. i have a lot of respect for the late Mr Jones.

      Long ago now a Bolger friend, the late Thomas Firth Jones, in his"Multihull Voyaging" (1994) looked at this type of hull appendage. Dating back to the late 1960's, early 1970's, especially amongst certain Wharramites, claims began circulating of the much improved pointing and windward performance of boats after the fitting of "vortex (or  sometimes "anti-vortex") panels" (see Sea People magazines, etc.). The explanations often conflate with those of the "chine runners" magic today.

      Anyway, in case you haven't seen Jones' 1994 book I'll copy below from page 76 the gist of what he thought of the "thinking":

      "For years, both Rudy Choy and James Wharram tried valiantly to design catamarans that would go to windward without daggerboards. Many of Wharram's designs still don't have them. Some of his builders put them in anyway, and others put in "vortex generators." People who are attracted to Wharram's cats tend to originality. Vortex generators are long shallow fins that stick out perpendicular to the sides of hulls, and allegedly trap water and keep the boat from slipping sideways without deepening draft. People who have installed them like them, and claim that they improve light-air performance as well. When this technology reaches the aircraft industry, it certainly will make airport runways less congested."

      Out on the edge there

      "= In the *10th* Second of Forever =
      I thought of the sea and your white yacht  drifting ...

      (..on the edge of the edge of the edge)

      = In the *5th* Second of Forever = 
      I thought of the vermillion deserts of Mars ~ the duned forests of Venus ...

      = In the *3rd* Second of Forever =
      I thought of '|rain|' against the window - and -  I thought  of the > wind > >

      = In the *2nd* Second of Forever =
      I thought of the *pair*  of  >broken<  **shades**   ___  lying __  on  _the tarmac_

      = In the >1st< and  +final+  *Second* of Forever =
      I thought of the  long past  that had  ~> lead ~> to  ~>   ~> NOW <~  and  never  ~>never>~>   `never"

      I got vortex generators ;)
      Set me any more straighter
      I've got an orgone accumulator
      Those energy stimulators
       And it makes me feel greater
       It's a back brain stimulator
       It's a cerebral vibrator
      But an orgone accumulator
       Is a superman creator
       It's no social integrator
       It's a one man isolator 
       I'll see you sometime later
      With apologies Mr creator

      time is worth much more than paper
      but seldom burns
      with such bright flames as these drafts
      (Robert Calvert)
      Robert Calvert / Knut Gerwers - Ten Seconds of Forever - entry / data


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