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  • mason smith
    Jun 26, 2014

      Dennis, I too like the looks of Micro (in the water) too, and have enjoyed my Micro even more than the Dovekie, and am getting ready for a launch this weekend of Micro Pelican( see it at signature address), which is always for sale just the same, so that I might try yet another trailer-sailer. –Mason


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      Long Lake, NY 12847

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      John and Mason,


      Thank you for the replies.


      To Mason, I find Micro and Martha Jane to be more aesthetically pleasing than Dovekie, and given John's description about her qualities, I am inclined to pass on the opportunity to own one. This is not primarily because of her looks, however, but because I am not young and limber! I need a boat that is more user friendly to aging bones.



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