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  • Bob Slimak
    Apr 1, 2014
      I too imbedded lighting wiring in the cabin top foam. Before I laminated the plywood top skin in place I took measurements and made a blueprint of where they are.  Instead of running them down the middle I ran them to one side, then over at the front for running lights. The reason I did both of these things is because I had thought that maybe someday I might want to put a hatch in the top as a more efficient way to ventilate heat so would need to have a clear area and know just where the wire were :)
      Steering station. I did not make that rather complicated pivoting system, but I did make the whole thing removable for when needing to fold the cabin. I made the station to fit at the forward starboard side just below the hinging front window. The single lever shift/throttle is mounted separately on the side The steering station removes with two machine screws and just drop down onto the bridge deck to give the clearance needed to fold the cabin. If not building a folding cabin things get a lot easier.
      Foam Really nothing that needs bending as the roof is flat and so is the bottom. If you can get thick stuff, yes, you will save a lot of epoxy and time and work.  I had to laminate 2" (your 50mm) as that was the thickest available in my area when building.
      One of the biggest departures I did from the plans was to the bow sections. all those plywood cutouts stacked, then shaped, and finally covered with a layer of glass or other cloth was something I did not like. First was the time to cut out and shape the plywood, but the main thing for me was that I intended, and do, run up on beaches, and sometimes there are unseen things in the sand :o I envisioned the thin skin getting cut through and water getting into the plywood and rot starting. So instead I laminated foam in place until thick enough, then shaped the foam  leaving it a about 3/16" smaller on the main hull and 1/8" on the sponsons. I then did an epoxy, glass, kevlar layup making this just about bulletproof. There can be a lot of banging and cuts going on here when beaching, or if clunking into some flotsam, without doing any damage.
      If any other questions, feel free to ask.

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