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70198Re: Bantam 16/20

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  • beakerkennedy
    Mar 31, 2014
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      Thanks for your reply.  I have received the plans and am studying them now.
      The foam cabin top looks light enough with good insulation.  I can run some lighting cables through the foam before laminating.
      Bob, did you build the steering station as drawn or is yours removable please?
      I have also found foam for the hull in 25mm, 50mm 100mm and 150mm and I am thinking the 100mm may bend enough and save a lot of glue.
      I really like the longest version but too big to tow and store so I may just  move the outboard out and extend the floats on the 16/20.
      A whole lot of potential to build the house to my liking though. Brent

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