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  • captjbturtle
    Jan 21, 2014
      Regarding my stretched Bantam in Florida. It does not have the built up bottom and does not seem to need it at the slower non planning speeds. She, Pelican/ has circumnavigated Florida 4 times now.
         I did build her with Phil/s scantlings which as we know are important for the weight and hence performance of the design.
          She is holding together quite well/ large radiused joints on the underhull connections but this year I am hoping to bring her north to Canada and use her on the Rideau Canal permanently as am begining to  worry about her vunerability to things like hurricanes sitting on her trailer unused for 10 months every year.
        I think the glassed in house can really extend my boating season here in the shoulder seasons.

          Heading down to central fl in a couple of weeks if enybody wants to see her in Fort Pierce/ Wether she goes north by trailer or up the intracoastal has yet to be decided. sure she is capable but time constraintsmight  decide.
            She has been around a while. To clear up.   the time line she was actualy the first hull launched as I launched her in January in Florida without the cabin. I used her in that configuration for several months while I built the windows and cabin top which took about as long and cost more i think than the hulls. All that plexi and eletric systems etc.So I believe that makes her the second completed boat.
           I talked with Phil and lengthed the hull 6 feet and the cabin 4 feet the next year. A big improvement with 26 foot waterline and no transom drag. Very effecient. A delightful boat. Hope to get much more use from her.
           Still have my 32 foot power sharpie for sail and have had a few, 10, calls but mainly from inappropriate places and have to tell them I thinkt would be best on sheltered waters. No serious interest despite a year of advertising and she  is sitting on a $3/000 aaluminum tandem axle trailer. I think she may be cut up this summer for a bunkie as I can,t get $5,000 for her. Something to think about if you are thinking of building a big boat which requires many hours of labour.
                   regards john bartlett
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