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  • otter55806
    Jan 21, 2014
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      Not currently building, but built and own what was the third one done. After reading about the problems with the first one by Tom David and the subsequent upgrade to get more bridge clearance I built the double bottom.  Thinking like you I wondered why build the original way and then add on. Seeing as how I had to wait for summer to start I wrote to Phil and asked him.  To my surprise he wrote back recommending that I not do that. He said it would be better to build as original, then add.

      Perhaps he felt it added strength to a hull of that size built with only 6mm ply where the overlap is like a lapstrake or clinker build, plus the original bottom now acting as a full support to keep those 6mm sides from oil canning. I can tell you that built the way he advised that I have been in seas taking waves right over the bows with no problems in a boat that was meant for protected waters. Well, no problem for the boat. Never too enjoyable for the people :) I had previously built a Micro Trawler and can tell you the Bantam is WAY kinder in rougher water! I can also tell you that with the added weight it would really only plane with the 25 Yamaho high thrust if empty of cruising stores, just gas and one or two people. The guy (can't think of his name) in Florida who built the second one only wanted displacement speeds and lengthened it adding rocker to the stern and runs it with a 9.9 Yamaha high thrust. He says he get 18mpg at 6 mph with that setup.  I only get about 7.5 with the 25, so you might want to think about that.

      Another thing.  Those 360 degree windows are great for views, but on a sunny day (and I know you get lots of sun down under) it can get HOT in the cabin if at anchor and no breeze. At anchor I look like a cabin as I installed awnings along the sides. Even leave them up when at displacement speeds and in really calm waters. They also allow me to keep the windows open for ventilation when it is raining Lots of people in other boats take pictures of this strange looking thing going by LOL!!

      Have fun with the build!



      ---In bolger@yahoogroups.com, <brent.kennedy@...> wrote:

      Hi all. I am wondering if anyone is building a Bolger Bantam at the moment.

      The deeper hulls seem a good idea, but I think I would use foam on the main hull bottom only and try and build the "amas" deeper from scratch to save the "retrofit problems".

      I was out in the sun the other day (southern hemisphere summer!) thinking the full standing headroom and weather protection of the Bantam would be wonderful.

      Just thinking of jumping in and buying the plans before the Aussie dollar drops through the floor!

      Brent (Tasmania)
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