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70065Bolger Junebug

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  • bobnsandy9295
    Jan 16, 2014

      New to group but recently purchased a Junebug that was set up for rowing. I have added "skids" to bottom, resealed fore and aft bulkheads, and totally repainted. Boat is not fiberglassed; painted plywood only. I plan to use a 75 sg. ft. lateen sail from a Sunfish plus the foils from the same.

      Any suggestions for where I should step the mast? Some have told me the center of effort should be in front of  the leeboard but a Michalak essay states it should be aft of the centerboard in order to provide weather helm. Help! Also, any suggestions for installing a swing leeboard? Tampa bay is quite shallow!

      Thanks for any and all (reasonable) suggestions.

      BobfromSWOhio (and Tampa Bay in the winter)

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