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70045Re: [bolger] RE: Sharpie sprit-boom leg-o' -mutton sail twist control

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  • harryjak
    Jan 4, 2014

      Are you still in or around the SF Delta


      No, the trick of moving the snotter up and down the mast is not mentioned in 103
      > Small Boat Rigs
      > .
      > I wrote a letter to PCB years ago describing my mods to one of his Cartoppers. It
      > was a two snotter system which entailed one traditional snotter but set much
      > higher up on the mast than normal, combined with a second downhaul snotter, Both
      > snotters were rigged back to the cockpit for easy manipulating.
      > The system worked great, with the drawback that adjusting one snotter necessarily
      > changed the other, so getting exactly the sail shape change you wanted always
      > entailed manipulating both snotters. Also, sprit boom rigs work best when the
      > entire rig, mast and all, is allowed to rotate. If the mast can rotate it allows
      > the snotter/sprit geometry, and thus snotter tention, to remain constant for all
      > sheet positions. Running the controls aft interferes with mast rotation.
      > PCB replied quickly to the letter, but did not seem, as I recall, impressed with
      > the mod. It is, admittedly, a complication to an otherwise very simple rig.
      > John O'Neill
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