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  • c.ruzer
    Jan 3, 2014
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      Not at all. Just trying to say how open and straight the guy was. Stuff happens, he didn't obfuscate or fudge. Some opinions he had... now , now, politics... here the socialists are right wing and the right wing are liberals and there's a generational gestalt thing as always... I don't know who's billygoat skull would crack first in having that out, if either, but it weren't a put on.

      The Otter ll  Australian incident as described by PCB is the only account I know of. The only account! There have been numerous accounts of an Australian Matha Jane(s) capsizing, mostly on the intertube, but some in mags. This got a go on about the turn of the century. The southern hemisphere representative of Bruce Kirby NIS boats and former Mr duckflat hisself flogged the story in print for all it was worth for a while in the noughties especially after making a  well planned Corner Inlet to Hobart crossing without event in an NIS26.. I leave it to you to figure the whys and wherefores there... There was some hostility whipped up by assorted vested competing interests about Bolger box boats to which PCB&F and Roger Keyes, skipper of Micro SV the famous "Paloma Blanca", authoritatively replied in AABB with the result that not much was heard of that matter again there...

      As for the OZ MJs capsizing, well in these archives you'll see Mr Cheers had some worries, and in Files you'll see that in "Common Sense News" Vol 14, Issue 2, 1998  #3, at page 5 "Marta Jane", Bernie Wolfard wrote:

      "I have been selling plans for Martha Jane since 1988, and always thought it would a boat build (sic) if I lived where there are great expanses of shallow water. I have relayed stories of the mad Australian who regularly sails his MJ from South Australia to Tasmania and back, and how on his first trip related that he was knocked down six times. But until this summer I had never actually seen a MJ, much less sailed on one..."


      A Bass Straight crossing is hardly ever a picnic cruise. That guy and that boat are the same I mentioned previously that cruise to this day the coast from the Bismark Sea to the Southern Ocean, albeit in modified form. He does a yogi routine every morning at sunrise on the foredeck which is an awsome sight in itself through morning mists... The Tysons, bogerado boatbuilders of note, met him (and partner M - another brilliant Hartley 21 cruising story ongoing) the first time he was overcome blown offshore from the mainland and up and down the straight for days to end washed up in north Tassie. Hugo T once said here it was down to imbibing the jujube, or noni juice, or some such, but I don't buy that... I've met them on the water, seen them and their boats dance, sorry, sail... outsail!

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      But I hope you don't think I questioned PCB's transparency regarding the issue re MJ and knockdowns. Not my intent at all. I didn't realize there was much debate. I remember reading something I think was written by PCB that an MJ had gotten knocked down (on a shallow lake? in Aus' or NZ?)and had gone turtle. He then decided to add the sponsons and the the house.

      I saw an Otter several years ago available for sale in Illinois but I quickly decided it didn't suit my desires.
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