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69998Re: [bolger] Options for ply thickness for similar sharpie construction on simila [3 Attachments]

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  • Chief Redelk
    Dec 23, 2013
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      Agreed Bill.. My canoe fits that bill as well.

      My point is that building light is most important in boats NOT on a
      trailer.. That would be car top boats. Yes they would need to be

      My future boats will all be trailered since I am getting older and not
      able to handle a 70 lb boat like I once could.

      Therefore my future boats can be made out of 3/8 plywood and due to my
      building skills will not a lot heavier than 1/4 ext plywood.

      I know because we have a small scow made out of 3/8 plywood and one
      made out of Luan. The thicker plywood was gifted to us so we used it
      and was shocked how light the boat came out.

      The boat is not all that heavy because the plywood did not require as
      much bracing as the thin Luan boats and my skills as a builder..

      The point is.. If the boat will be on a trailer it can be made a
      little bit stronger and heavier.

      Also a sailboat has a middle of the road weight range. It can be made
      to light for some conditions.

      It can be made to heavy for some conditions... My heavy PDR has enough
      weight to carry it through a "Come about" while my light Baby Goose
      has to be spun on the lee board by my weight being moved forward.

      Weight is like ladies. While they can be a bit over weight they can be
      a bit under weight..

      My point being. I like good 3/8 plywood for boats on trailers. IF
      someone goops a LOT of epoxy and glass on it the thing becomes a
      "Tank".. If it's made light it can be excellent.

      Boat building is like cooking. I know someone who messed up a good
      ham.. It was not the dead pigs fault..

      I do agree that light boats ares great if you need to carry the boat
      or self launch without a trailer.

      For doing that I know of a man who uses 1/16th door skins and foam..
      Great boats uses epoxy for his builds. It's not as cheap to build as
      what I do but great boat.

      Skin on frame is another good way to build light. But floating in
      gators, snags, roots under water junk, I want 3/8 plywood..

      Building boats is like choosing a woman.. We all think OURS is the
      best. Smile, good day..Chief..

      On 12/23/13, Bill Howard <billh39@...> wrote:
      > The key is weight vs. strength.
      > My 14 foot June Bug would be impossible to car-top with 3/8 inch ply.
      > It would also be foolhardy to take her into any kind of chop.
      > Here she is returning from a jaunt in the Chesapeake. Wind about 5 knots.
      > Bill Howard,
      > Nellysford
      > On Dec 23, 2013, at 5:40 PM, Chief Redelk <chiefredelk@...> wrote:
      >> I made that discovery on small boats too..
      >> I am of the opinion that 3/8 plywood is MUCH stiffer than 1/4,
      >> stronger and not a lot heavier..
      >> I find a full 3/8 plywood deck well supported works well..When I
      >> design a deck that will be walked on I think of picture frames or 4
      >> sides boxes 12 inches wide by 12 inches long by 3 inches deep..Bracing
      >> like that well supported then covered with 3/8 ply is very strong..I
      >> think that a brace every 12 inches is my standard.. Ribs once were set
      >> that close but on some boats I open them up to 16 inches.. However,
      >> Stitch and glue boats don't fit that rule..
      >> My next boat will have a 3/8 plywood bottom, 3/8 decks and maybe 3/8
      >> all over.. BUT since it's gonna be a 12 feet long scow maybe I will
      >> make the sides out of 1/4 ext ply...BUT the fact is I am not sure the
      >> weight difference is worth all the trouble of using two thicknesses of
      >> plywood..
      >> In my mind there are TWO boat options when it comes to materials.. ONE
      >> for boats on trailers and the other ONE for boats designed to be
      >> LIGHT.. Since I trailer all my boats, just a tad Heavier is not a
      >> problem..
      >> I am not talking excessively Heavy boats or over built boats.. just
      >> boats using 3/8 versus 1/4 plywood..1 inch by 1 inch bracing is good
      >> IF it's not hanging in the air..Well braced boats need to be
      >> overweight.. Good day, Chief..
      >> On 12/23/13, MylesJ. Swift <mswift@...> wrote:
      >> > I ended up doubling the ΒΌ inch bottom and main deck on my Micro. With
      >> > four
      >> > 200pounds plus guys dancing on the deck it flexed too much for my
      >> > comfort.
      >> >
      >> >
      >> >
      >> > MylesJ
      >> >
      >> >
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