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69996Re: [bolger] Re: Options for ply thickness for similar sharpie construction on simila

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  • Chief Redelk
    Dec 23, 2013
      I made that discovery on small boats too..

      I am of the opinion that 3/8 plywood is MUCH stiffer than 1/4,
      stronger and not a lot heavier..

      I find a full 3/8 plywood deck well supported works well..When I
      design a deck that will be walked on I think of picture frames or 4
      sides boxes 12 inches wide by 12 inches long by 3 inches deep..Bracing
      like that well supported then covered with 3/8 ply is very strong..I
      think that a brace every 12 inches is my standard.. Ribs once were set
      that close but on some boats I open them up to 16 inches.. However,
      Stitch and glue boats don't fit that rule..

      My next boat will have a 3/8 plywood bottom, 3/8 decks and maybe 3/8
      all over.. BUT since it's gonna be a 12 feet long scow maybe I will
      make the sides out of 1/4 ext ply...BUT the fact is I am not sure the
      weight difference is worth all the trouble of using two thicknesses of

      In my mind there are TWO boat options when it comes to materials.. ONE
      for boats on trailers and the other ONE for boats designed to be
      LIGHT.. Since I trailer all my boats, just a tad Heavier is not a

      I am not talking excessively Heavy boats or over built boats.. just
      boats using 3/8 versus 1/4 plywood..1 inch by 1 inch bracing is good
      IF it's not hanging in the air..Well braced boats need to be
      overweight.. Good day, Chief..

      On 12/23/13, MylesJ. Swift <mswift@...> wrote:
      > I ended up doubling the ΒΌ inch bottom and main deck on my Micro. With four
      > 200pounds plus guys dancing on the deck it flexed too much for my comfort.
      > MylesJ
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