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  • peterdmumford
    Nov 25, 2013

      Mason, since you offered, I am indeed asking.

      What is the difference between the solent lug and the gunter lug? and why is the solent better on the Birdwatcher?

      Thanks, Peter 

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      Would it be worth throwing in here that the larger sail rig for the Birdwatcher was not a gunter, but a Solent lug? In practice that’s quite a different thing, and no one should think that they are interchangeable. I had Birdwatchers with both rigs and once went to the trouble to figure out why Phil had used the Solent rig. I concluded that it was the right and only choice but will not bother the group with all the reasons (unless somebody asks for them).


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      Yes at a displacement of 44,000 lbs as I recall.

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      On the rig...I'd call it a straight scale up of Phil's gunter rig from the 23.5 foot birdwatcher. If you look at this website:
      you can get an idea of a scant draft sharpie with a bermudan rig. It can be done.


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       Ida's Beachcomber is an interesting type for an attractive purpose.


      Interesting big Birdwatcher sketches Paul. The rig looks a might too tall possibly for the hull to bear. I think Susanne said the ESC plans were USD300, so why not scale up from those instead of scaling down from this larger proposal? There's only 5ft 6in  ;LOA ( 12%? )between them in any case... add the 'pinky' stern and opened cockpit you seem to want to the ESC and you're away!!!


      Well almost away - there is that unique ESC/Eeek/Anhinga aft bottom dead flat run and aft ballast behaviour when heeled to consider, but you're calling her Big Birdwatcher and as the Birdwatchers have their COB and ballast also situated significantly aft for similar low immersed pointy stern resistance, and other reasons, there's not much of a leap to make I suppose.


      By the way, what were the scantlings sizes talked about for Big Birdwatcher... 0.5in plywood sheathing, or greater? How many sheets (60?), and the bill of materials in total? The sloop rig would add a lot to the overall on the water sail away cost... which was talked of in ball park figures of ... what?


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      About a decade ago, Susanne called me to propose a scaled up Birdwatcher as an answer to a better version of the Economy Seagoing Cruiser or BigEeek. I didn't have the bucks back then to have Phil and Susanne do the design. But I did keep the idea in the back of my mind.

      I still don't have the $ to develop this cruiser, nor build it, but as a study for my developing CAD skills, I thought someone else might take an interest in a design possibility. I've added a folder called Big Birdwatcher to the files section to show a few screenshots. I think it'd make a good shoal draft cruiser on the order of Ida Little's Beachcomber design by Warren Bailey for someone who could get it built.

      The stats look like:
      Length 38ft
      LOA close to 40ft
      Beam 9ft
      Draft cb up 16in
      Draft cb dn 5ft 8in
      Not sure about weight or Di splacement

      I spent a fair amt of time to figure out how to helm comfortably from inside the pilot house. I think the athwartships wheels would work well and take up minimal space. I also moved the CB all the way over to stbd as far as structure would allow to provide a walkway next to the double berth. I imagine this boat could be scaled down a bit, but it still is quite a bit smaller displacement than the AS39 as I believe Susanne pointed out when she proposed it to me.


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