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69945RE: Re: [bolger] RE: Cruising Chebacco ballast?

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  • andrew_kieren
    Nov 7, 2013


      We have corresponded a number of times on the Chebacco variants, and I believe you have the 6 variants well summarised on your bolger isometrics page.

      I have become aware of one other unique variant of the Chebacco.  It is owned by a Mr Timm Schleiff www.schleiffboatworks.com/sbwboats.htm  and was apparently built for a Mr Woodward. He describes his boat on his website:

      Chabacco: Chabacco is a 26' Phil Bolger design that originally had a flat pram-like transom forward. Unfortunately when I acquired her in 2003, there was major rot in the bow section and rudder. During reconstruction I decided to add the bow as it is now.  This Chabacco is named ''Flying Carpet'' and is my personal boat.

      There are photos of this boat about half way down this page:

      So that makes seven Chebacco versions (ignoring rig variations)  - any more out there?


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      Agreed, the Chebacco variants are confusing.  This has been discussed at length, and I believe the consensus is that while some have naming variations, indeed there are six different Bolger Chebacco designs.  See this one:

      and the following five...

      On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 3:10 PM, <a.c.l.yen@...> wrote:


      The glass house version, as shown in BWAOM (p227) has lead ballast, a shallow full length keel and no centreboard. Phil called it a motorsailer version.

       The "cruising" version is not really a version, it is a modification and elaboration to the original plans and can be adapted to any Chebacco 20. Schrodinger as shown at Chebacco.com has this cruising modification on a centreboard hull.  

      The RD version is a complete update with a raised deck, higher freeboard and centreboard.

      Chebacco's are certainly confusing - there are quite a number of versions, some with little documentation.


      ---In bolger@yahoogroups.com, <paulthober@...> wrote:

      No interior ballast, but a hundred pounds or so in the keel. No centerboard, the keel is modeled after the glass house design.


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      Does the cruising version of the Chebacco have a permanent keel with lead ballast or does it have a combination of interior ballast and centerboard? Same question for the glass house version.

      Thanks in advance for your replies


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