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  • jdmeddock
    Oct 15, 2013
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      Some boats have good behavior when anchored and some don't.

      Not sure bad anchor behavior can be attributed to any specific design trait.

      My old 27' plastic sailboat would charge around like a chained pit bull when anchored.

      In winds over about 12kts, it would sail forward at an angle until the anchor snubbed it with a jerk.

      The jerk would tack the boat and it would then charge off in the other direction.

      It weighed 8000# and had 5' draft and plenty of submersed volume.  

      I never anchored any where there was any significant current.

      I would wake up any time I didn't feel the thump every minute or so.

      Tried tying the RIB off the stern as a motion damper/drogue, just bashed the dinghy around a lot.

      An anchor riding sail was reported to be the cure for this boat.

      I cut down an old storm jib to hank on the backstay and sheet to a winch but I never tried it,


      ---In bolger@yahoogroups.com, <jhkohnen@...> wrote:

      I poked around and found what John W had to say about using a bucket to
      reduce sailing around when anchored. The meat picked off the bones of
      message #57452 over on the Duckworks group:

      "... get a bucket with a strong handle, and put it on the anchor rode
      about 2 m out from the bow so its acting as a water brake, it should
      greatly reduce the sheering around."


      "I put a light line and a heavy shackle around the buckets handle and tie
      it to the anchor rode with a rolling hitch.

      "Yes it does need to be heavy enough to sink down to where the open mouth
      is able to provide the braking effect, thats what the shackle is there for.

      "Another thing that can help is if you can trim the boat bow down at
      anchor by moving weight forward. Boats with a mast well forward are a bit
      prone to this behavior as the static windage is not far enough aft to keep
      it straight."

      John Welsford

      On Sun, 13 Oct 2013 12:33:23 -0700, I wrote:

      > The bucket is full of water, because it's submerged, and it's slung from
      > the rode near the bow of the boat. I suppose it could be slung right off
      > the bow on a separate line. I think I picked up that tip from John
      > Welsford on one of the groups he frequents. I haven't tried it out
      > myself...
      > On Sun, 13 Oct 2013 03:46:30 -0700, Mark A wrote:
      >> I'm not a more expert sailor, but can say my Michalak Jewelbox Jr. with
      >> a
      >> BW top rhythmically swings ever bit of 180 degrees.
      >> It was suggested to me that a full bucket slung from along the rode
      >> would
      >> help.
      >> ...

      John (jkohnen@...)
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