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  • Michael Wagner
    Oct 13, 2013
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      We really didn't solve these problems. We never found them severe enough to put much work or money into solving them. With Walkure, you have a wide range of spots to anchor, since you can anchor in less than 2 feet of water. We just picked spots with no chop and no wind and tide opposed. We did find one spot where the pounding got quite severe - Key West mooring field. It's wide open to north winds and we had 4 straight days of 4 foot chop in the mooring field. Yuck!

      Bolger solved the pounding problem with an upgraded version of the AS-29 that had a rounded section added under the bow. This allowed for more comfortable anchoring. It would likely have to be done during construction and not as a retrofit. It's not on Walkure.

      We never found the "anchor dance" - yawing - to be at all annoying. If the water was deep enough, we put a board down, which slowed the motion a lot. Otherwise, we just got used to it. It's not nearly as pronounced on the AS-29 as it is on a MacGreggor or a Hunter. We've seen 40 foot Hunters dancing to and fro like mad while we sat relatively still.

      You can set the mizzen as a riding sail, and it helps, but mostly we didn't bother.

      On Saturday, October 12, 2013 9:44 AM, "a.sobriquet@..." <a.sobriquet@...> wrote:
      It's been said that AS-xx sharpies pound at anchor in a chop, and that they yaw at anchor if they don't carry a riding sail -- and that they yaw even with a riding sail if wind and tide are contrary. How did you solve those problems on Walkure?
      A. Sobriquet

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      This is the boat that I built and sailed on the Hudson River, the Erie canal, Lake Ontario, Huron, Michigan, Georgian Bay, North Channel, Mississippi River, Ohio River, Tenn-Tom Waterway, the Gulf of Mexico from Mobile to the Keys, the ICW from the Keys to the Chesapeake. We sold her a while back to move to a bigger boat that was given to us. We were happy that she would be used and cared for, but sad to lose her. There are times when we miss this great little boat. She'll get you into anchorages no other sailboat would dare because of her shallow draft. She'll never give you worries about low bridges. If you are thinking about buying Walkure, you can contact me for details on her construction, etc. Shortly before his death, we visited Phil Bolger and showed him pictures and he approved. He commented that the cut of her mainsail was about perfect, just what he designed. Any owner of this boat will never want for attention from an admiring public.

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      We are selling our AS-29. Specifics can be found at http://simplysailingonline.com/index.php?page=ss182

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