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69825Re: [bolger] Best way to trim excess lead when making a weighted rudder or keel

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  • Stefan Topolski
    Sep 13, 2013
      Hello Mason,

      Thank you for your enthusiastic vote for constant camber.  I'm sure once i tried it i'd realize how fun and easy it can be.

      We don't have the money, though, nor interest now in those larger designs.

      For the SeaClipper 20 I was wondering if you could build the amas/floats to speed up the process while i worked on the main hull.  Along with that the plans called for 1/4" plywood and between rot, checking, weight, stiffness, # plies and best suppliers I wanted your expert opinion on where to look to buy the materials.

      In the interim we got socked with some big expenses last week which will take us until spring to retire away, so I guess I'll just go the normal quicker cheaper way to sail with a used Hobie 18 stock catamaran from somewhere to sail next year.

      We would all still appreciate your advice on the forum, I'm sure of that, and I do hope and pray that you and your family are hale and hearty and doing well up in your beautiful country.

      All the Best,

      ... We too often see what we want to see for the reassurance of believing what we already believe ...

      c. 413 768-9100
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