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69811Re: [bolger] Paint, Glass or Dynel for my cockpit

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  • Leigh
    Sep 3, 2013
      I built a Dix Coquette in 88 and just used WEST resin and single part polyurethane over the Philippine mahogany plywood deck. That lasted for years with minimal checking. That said its very good plywood so unless you have top quality plywood ( and I'd suggest even if you do ) put Dynel cloth under the epoxy. It is better than glass as it has a higher modulus of elasticity than glass so doesn't shear off as easily. If I was doing it again  I'd sheathe the deck with cloth, mainly to give it extra impact resistance. Minor bangs and scrapes from shoes, fittings, etc will damage the epoxy / paint film enough to allow water to access the plywood and start its evil work. 

      Do the whole deck,not just the foredeck. It's all going to be subject to minor damage so you might as well do the lot. You'll never regret it and the extra cost will be forgotten quickly. 


      Leigh Ross 

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      On Sep 3, 2013, at 9:52, <a.c.l.yen@...> wrote:


      I am thinking about what to coat the cockpit plywood with in my Chebacco 25 build. (that indicates that I am getting closer to finished - the cockpit is almost finished and the cabin structure is being built ).

      From what I have read and experienced with other boats, I should be glassing the foredeck to protect from checking and damage .  I might use Dynel as an alternative as it did pretty well on the bottom of my Cartopper.

      But if the foredeck needs protecting then surely the cockpit will need similar.  

      What advice/experience is there for how much coating is enough.  Epoxy+paint? Epoxy+glass+paint?, what paint?.  The boat will basically be a trailer sailer so should have a cover on it most of the time - but "should" doesn't mean that it won't blow off.


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