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69768Re: #501 35' sailing scow houseboat

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  • Darrell
    Aug 17, 2013
      I would like to see the existence of a Bolger #501 to serve as "PROOF OF CONCEPT"....the concept is that I think this design has the capability of serving as a permanent home for a small family, AND be capable of sailing up and down the coast in a safe manner. I also think this design can find virtually unlimited resting places in shoal draft areas, explore almost anywhere, and avoid marina fees.
      Also, for those who fear natural and man-made disasters, #501 would be an ideal bug-out boat.

      I don't need to own any percentage of the boat. However, I would need to have my expenses covered, if I were to arrange for it to be built in Baja Mexico. My son's Father in Law is a fisherman in Ensenada, Mexico. He knows everybody in the boating industry there, and he can recommend a local carpenter/shipwright/boat repairman etc to do the actual work. I would take the materials needed down to him.

      Dave Seigler made his Slacktide triloboat from low-cost materials, and I would suggest such an approach for #501 as well. The cost of manpower is very low in Mexico, and the shipwright with a couple of helpers would get the job done quickly.

      Of course, I would need to supervise closely to make sure every joint is epoxied/glued/filleted or whatever.

      This is very do-able, if there is the will. However, if I were to help someone make this a reality, I would need someone willing to allow the boat to serve as an experimental vessel, to demonstrate the feasibility of long-term living and the possibility of free or low cost docking/anchorage/grounding. And, of course, see trials in rough weather.

      If anyone is interested, we can get together and discuss it.

      Darrell Turner
      San Diego, CA

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Leigh <Leighpilot@...> wrote:
      > I wouldn't advise that. Joint ownership of a boat works about as well as sharing a wife.
      > Leigh Ross
      > 484-464-1575 (C)
      > www.unicornkayaks.com
      > On Aug 17, 2013, at 11:20, "Darrell" <dario2rnr@...> wrote:
      > > Is there anybody in Southern California interested in joining forces to build this boat?
      > > I live in San Diego, and I can get this boat built in Tijuana or Ensenada Mexico.
      > >
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