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69708RE: [bolger] Need advice on Micro mast step

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  • Mason Smith
    Jul 12, 2013
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      Liam, the rake of the mast on the Micro is critical, at least to the eye, so I advise being fussy about those measurements. Much can be done with the partners, surely, but you want that step to be in just the right place. When you do the partners, I suggest leveling the boat carefully and setting the mast in its step and seeing just how deep to notch the partner for the forward side of it, to give an appreciable rake. The main wants a little, the mizzen a little more. The mast may not be to exactly to plan in the foot section, so start with the step in the right place, and adjust with how you notch the partner. That’s my advice, at least. ---Mason


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      I've purchased a partially completed Micro along with plans. The plans call for the mast step opening to be 10 inches from the back of the hole to the front of the boat. Right now it is 10 inches from the front of the hole. The step is bolted and glued. Partners, etc. have not been built


      Here are my possible options:

      1. do nothing and move partners, etc. aft
      2. try to cut the step out and replace
      3. make hole in the step larger and put plate or something to bring it back to proper size.

      I'm leaning towards #3 as I am nervous changing Bolger's proportions and I'm afraid I'll break other things removing the current step. I've tried a gentle pry and nothing seems remotely close the budging. 


      Do people have other ideas. If not which approach should I take?

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