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69694Re: LCU-F - PROCEEDINGS Magazine article 'pdf'

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  • Stephen Kandul
    Jul 6 10:07 AM

      Could be some serendipity at work here.   I notice that the Marines and Japanese SDF are having a big exercise on the west coast to practice seaborne assault.  The big question with the LCU-F is “how will you keep the water from squishing up through all those hinged joints in the decks??”  ;-)


      Light assault troops, whether air or seaborne, have always had a problem with not having heavy weapons and armor to back up their punch.  Usually, if there is no armor in a US force it is because someone up the command chain didn’t want to authorize tankers to operate.  Clinton and the boys didn’t want armor in Mogadishu until after the “Black Hawk Down” incident showed that they should have had some.  As a result of that, we built a company sized quick reaction armor force capable of flying anywhere in the world in chop-chop time.


      But a force like that needs some deep runways to land in on.   C-17s with a battle ready M1A2 Abrams tank on board are not light weight.  The tank weights around 82 tons by itself.  So sealift is vital to send heavy equipment to un-improved areas where airlift can’t operate.


      Good luck with your efforts, Sue.



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