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69660Re: At last ... It makes SuperBrick seem normal.

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  • Crandall, Chris S.
    Jun 19, 2013
      Posted by: "Christopher C. Wetherill" wetherillc@... wetherillc
      > I had only assumed it was round bottomed, so I went back to the slid
      > show. No photos exposing the bottom. Then I found this Exburyegg.org
      > <http://www.exburyegg.org/> I think the stability curves would be
      > eggstremely scary on this thing.

      Cuteness aside, the operative word in the web page is "tethered." It's not a ship, or even a shantyboat it's a "floating home." Stability curves assume a free floating craft--I think in the extremely protected water, with a few lines securely attached, that I would certainly spend a night (or a month!) on her.
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