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69649Re: [bolger] Micro links on the net

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  • John Kohnen
    Jun 18, 2013
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      If the plans were bought from Elrow Hubbard or Bernie Wolfard that long
      ago (before Bernie's rift with Bolger), then it's kosher and legal to
      build the boat from them. The boat was never completed. You'll have to
      work out getting the updates with Susanne, but I'll bet she'll charge for

      After seeing your message I looked through my monster links list and
      discovered most of the Micro links were dead. But I managed to find the
      new site for this Micro:


      Good luck finishing your boat!

      On Mon, 17 Jun 2013 17:40:38 -0700, David wrote:

      > Hi all
      > New member, first post, 2 questions.
      > Firstly, I am thinking of buying a set of second hand plans that were
      > originally purchased from Common Sense Designs about 20 years ago along
      > with enough timber and marine ply to build the hull.
      > ...
      > Given the boat was never built, is this going to be a legitimate and
      > legal purchase? Am I going to be able to obtain any updates to the
      > plans, such as the modified junk type sail, without any problems?
      >Secondly, when I am searching on the internet for blogs and photos about
      > the micro and it's construction it seems like a lot of the links that I
      > try just aren't working eg most of the links for the Micro on the Square
      > Boats site don't work....

      John (jkohnen@...)
      Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong. (Oscar Wilde)
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