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69564RE: [bolger] Re: Whalewatcher plans

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  • mason smith
    May 27, 2013

      What Phil and Susanne call keys are not in the books, to my knowledge. You have to get the plans to get the keys, which are instructions and measurements for every numbered part in the plans, plus some more general instructions.


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      the excellent keys that Phil put in his books has been why I have been able to build so many with just the books I am a builder of smallish skiffs if I were attempt to build a larger boat I would order plans. At some point I am hoping to build Queen Mab :)

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      > So according to PB&F, the 'mylars' (high quality originals) were returned after BF passed.
      > So it would seem the Canadian had paper dwgs scanned on a large format scanner. The files are used to generate pdfs that he sells. My guess is if somebody pays him for a paper version, he runs down to a local printer, and gets a copy made, though he may have his own printer. I am assuming the paper versions come in a large format, IE sizd D drawings.
      > I don't know any history of how the current "Common Sense..." got started. Did the owner buy CSD from the Wolfard estate? He is now designing his own stuff. Some seem Bolger like in style.
      > I suppose many could study Bolger's work and then sketch variations that look OK. But would they be structurally sound, and seaworthy?
      > I agree that PB&F will continue to have a tough time stopping this abuse of their intellectual property.
      > Several years ago I bought via the web what were called unused Bolger plans for Martha Jane, and Idaho. When they arrived, they were the CSD versions. Oh, and no key.
      > I also bought Hawkeye plans from PB&F. With a key.

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