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69546Whalewatcher plans

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  • m.jayjensen
    May 5, 2013
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      Thank you for this posting.
      It is very informative.
      M. Jay JENSEN

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, mjpjensen@... wrote:
      > Everything seems to point to the fact that CSB is selling stolen
      > property.
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, <philbolger@...> wrote:
      > - It is not clear to PB&F how CSB acquired copies of copies upon
      > which their ‘offerings’ are based.

      For a time Bernie Wolfard sold Whalewatcher plans via his Common Sense
      Designs Bolger plans marketing business.

      Late in his time with that business he also offered a range of 23 large
      and small "complex" Bolger designs, Barn Owl, Bright Thread, Kotick,
      Crystal, Harbinger, Victoria, Wisp, Moccasin, Sybil's Yawl, Shivaree,
      etc, etc, and various PCB and other article reprints.

      The criteria for selection to the Common Sense Complex Boats range was
      arrived at... "When I told Bolger of my plans to add a complex boats
      section to the Common Sense catalog he asked if I had anything like the
      Common Sense criteria to guide the selection as he has almost 600 designs
      from which to choose. I wrote him that I hadn't come up with any. Bolger
      suggested that we choose boats that he still liked after they were built
      and the owners were still friends with him. Sounded like a Common Sense
      criteria to me, so that is what we used to select the boats presented
      here. It goes without saying that each of these boats are worthy of study
      and contemplation as exemplary examples of the designers art. I hope you
      enjoy them as much as do (sic)" - Bernie Wolfard, Common Sense Design

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