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  • m.jayjensen
    May 1 1:27 PM
      Susanne Altenburger, PB&F
      Dear Susanne,
      Would you please resend the following to me.
      Phil Bolger & Friends (PB&F) has never had a legitimate commercial relationship with ‘Common Sense Boats’(CSB)
      - It is not clear to PB&F how CSB acquired copies of copies upon which their ‘offerings’ are based.
      - CSB has never presented PB&F with any royalty-checks.
      - CSB has been advised in writing by PB&F on a number of occasions that it has no authority to take our work and make money off it.
      - With CSB’s location in British Columbia, further research is underfoot to determine the role of the Provincial government in Victoria in such matters.
      - Challenges to customers emerging out of CSB’s ‘business model’ have been heard of before, with the final outcome in those cases uncertain.

      I have begun the process of trying to recover the money that was paid to CSB and a concise statement would be helpful.
      Best wishes,
      M. Jay Jensen 

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