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69527Whalewatcher plans

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  • m.jayjensen
    Apr 30, 2013
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      Everything seems to point to the fact that CSB is selling stolen property. 
      As a Widows Son and an honorable man (I work at it anyway), I can not be a party to defrauding Susanne Altenburger of what she is entitled to.
      This matter will be worked out in a fair and equatable manner.
      Back to the beginning!
      I am going to build a boat that my wife and I can travel in for an extended periods of time.  Home base is on the upper Mississippi. It needs to motor well, sail in a respectable fashion, and not aggravate my wife's claustrophobia.  There was a boat I would like to hear about mentioned in Boats with An Open Mind  At the end of the article on the Sailing Schooner a reference was maid to a sailing houseboat.
      Is there any information on that plan?
      Best wishes,
      M. Jay Jensen

      Hello All,
      some basics are in order:
      - Phil Bolger & Friends (PB&F) has never had a legitimate commercial relationship with ‘Common Sense Boats’(CSB)
      - It is not clear to PB&F how CSB acquired copies of copies upon which their ‘offerings’ are based.
      - CSB has never presented PB&F with any royalty-checks.
      - CSB has been advised in writing by PB&F on a number of occasions that it has no authority to take our work and make money off it.
      - With CSB’s location in British Columbia, further research is underfoot to determine the role of the Provincial government in Victoria in such matters.
      - Challenges to customers emerging out of CSB’s ‘business model’ have been heard of before, with the final outcome in those cases uncertain.

      - However, Common Sense Designs (CSD) had a relationship with PB&F a long time ago, based on a personal understanding between Phil Bolger and Bernie Wolford.
      - CSD folded a long time ago, with the return of respective Mylar copies of Bolger designs back to Bolger, then and now PB&F.

      - The sole legitimate sellers of a small fraction of our design-archive remains H.H.Payson and Company, based upon a re-constructed understanding after Dynamite Payson’s death in 2010, plus WOODENBOAT Magazine continuing to offer a couple of plans drawn by Bolger.

      - Boat Designs featured in Phil’ books are not necessarily represented in all details, nor would feature any later corrections or upgrades.
      - Furthermore the process of reducing those graphics for book-format reproduction may introduce distortions apart from loss of details.
      - There have been examples of boats build ‘out of the books’, with all carrying the risk of small to larger investments based on potentially incomplete and corrupted information.

      - On the scale of any boat-building project beyond the simplest of skiffs, the investment in materials and labor typically is a vast multiple of the cost of plans.
      - In the case in point here - Design #561 “Whalewatcher” - just the value of the materials-list alone necessary to build this 29-foot hull suggests that using plans from the original creator/s and supplier/s of bona fide copies of that design-work might be the best course of action.
      - Currently plans for Design #561 incl. Building Key remain listed by Phil at $250.-

      Susanne Altenburger, PB&F

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