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69510Re: [bolger] Plans for Whalewatcher

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  • phil.bolger
    Apr 29, 2013
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      Mr. Jensen,
      which website sells WHALEWATCHER plans ?
      Legitimate plans are only available from us.
      ’Saving’ on plans seems bad value
      1. - in light of uncertainty whether you get what you need,
      2. - in the context of just a fraction of epoxy-cost for such a design,
      3. – ‘getting off on the wrong foot’ on a project of such relative ambitions.
      Susanne Altenburger, PB&F
      Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2013 10:05 PM
      Subject: [bolger] Plans for Whalewatcher

      At the end of March in 1982, I began welding the frames for a houseboat that became the home to my wife, myself, and our 3 children.  (Attached find a picture of  our boat Sanctuary.)  The children are raised and for a number of reasons we have now moved ashore.  Our home is now a river front house on the upper Mississippi in Minnesota. It is beautiful but not the same.
      Anyway, It is my idea to build another boat, something smaller and more manageable; say 36' as apposed to 75'.  At the time that I designed and built Sanctuary I had never heard of Phil Bolger. I came across his book Boats With an Open Mind . (Up until that point I was thinking of a Sharpi along the lines of Monroe's Egret.) There were two craft mentioned in the book that caught my fancy.
      One was Whalewatcher that scaled up perfectly. And although there are aspects to the design that would be unsuitable for use on the river, the hull seemed right and being a canoe sailor I am drawn to the leeboards.  The other design mentioned in the book was a sailing houseboat on a scow hull. It was mentioned at the end of the section on the Scow Schooner. There was not a drawing.
      In the fall of 2012 I found a web site that was selling Bolger's designs. I e-mailed the site and asked about the two boats.  I ended up purchasing Whalewatcher for $125.  The plans did not come with a manual or key. I would very much like to have one to better interpret the drawings.  If any one has one or knows where one could be had I would be grateful.
      Best Wishes,
      M. Jay Jensen
      PS. Although very new to this group, the information that is here is great!!

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