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69497Re: 1/4 " solid hardwood ply

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  • prairiedog2332
    Apr 27, 2013
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      Even exterior grade glues can fail dishwasher testing due what I have found seems to be starved joints. Poor quality control particularly in plywood from China. Some advertised as "solid core" has  a thicker central core with two onion skins added on the exterior. These outer skins will sometimes wrinkle in places as well. And not all "hard woods" are really all that hard. By definition - "A description applied to woods from deciduous broad-leafed trees (Angiosperms). The term has no reference to the actual hardness of the wood." 


      Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/hardwood#ixzz2RgBFBN3X

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      > For broader context on the stuff, there’s always the WIKIPEDIA entry on ‘Plywood’...
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      > its called lumber core where i come from (nj ny)used mostley for cabinet work dont know about the glue
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