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69480Re: [bolger] Plan search garvey by Bolger

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  • phil.bolger
    Apr 25, 2013
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      good reference. 
      It was/is Design #670 CAYUKO CARGO 15 (as in 15 meter length, i.e. 50+ feet in length) to do exactly as you are recalling here.  She may get done yet.

      Susanne Altenburger, PB&F 
      Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 8:46 PM
      Subject: RE: [bolger] Plan search garvey by Bolger

      There was one such boat in PB&F’s space in Messing About in Boats a couple of years ago, probably not practical for you but with an opening bow. It was a brilliant concept of a boat to be made out of local replaceable materials in a village on a river in Central America running to the Gulf, and the idea was for a village upstream to harvest one mahogany tree and load it through that bow onto this long narrow crossplanked boat and get it to the sea or even around the Gulf and up the East Coast to market, returning with enough cash to run a medical clinic in the Village for a year. Boat could carry a cow, a grandma, whatever, serve all sorts of purposes. I always thought it a shame that the people who asked for some Bolger thinking in that area thought they knew better, and it wasn’t tried.

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      Subject: [bolger] Plan search garvey by Bolger


      I am searching for a wooden workboat plan that includes a wood landing ramp door built into the bow . This will be used to transport small loads of lumber and building materials to a remote island in protected fresh water, 1000 lbs payload is about the maximum I will need.
      I have looked through his many sets of plans and cannot seem to find this boat that a buddy of mine says is a Bolger design. any info will help Thanks

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