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69440Re: [bolger] Re: FL120 2010 Pic - On Bolger Sweet Pea lines. Ya don't say? Hmmm... now that's som

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  • John Weiss
    Mar 29, 2013
      You may be able to get all in one... Take a look at Nord Koster, a 16'
      version of a Humber Yawl by Bolger. http://www.canoeyawl.org/?p=156

      On 3/28/2013 7:06 PM, Ross wrote:
      > Despite being interested in Humber Yawls, and other such micro cruisers,
      > in my heart I know that the best fun comes from boats in the 15 to 16
      > foot range with a beam of 4 1/2 to 5 feet. The envelope between a boat
      > which is too small and one which is too big, is very narrow.
      > What you say about a single handed cruiser based on Sweet Pea has a
      > tremendous appeal.
      > In the last 13 years I have built about 55 boats, but none have been for
      > my own use. I'm getting close to building a boat for me, and I am torn
      > between one of my own designs or one from Phil Bolger.
      > My current favourite is Jinni for a whole range of reasons which are too
      > complicated to describe, but include research.
      > You are correct about the sun in Queensland, and at the moment I am
      > finishing off the build of a Scram Pram started by one of my customers.
      > This will give me the opportunity to test the Birdwatcher principle.
      > However, after many years of thought I have come to the conclusion that
      > a concentration on appropriate clothing is the real answer to sun
      > protection.
      > The fact of the matter is that my favourite form of boating is dinghy
      > sailing.
      > Ross Lillistone
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