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69423Phil Bolger & Friends design # 676 "AS 34"

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  • fredrik.jeppsson
    Mar 25, 2013
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      Hi all,

      This is my first post on this forum. Bob Hicks was very kind and sent me a copy of the article about Phil Bolger & Friends design # 676 "AS 34". Since then I have been completely obsessed and this is a boat that I have to build during my life. As I understand it, there is no finished drawing of the AS 34 and the article was based on a sketch. As a novice, I wonder if this would take a long time and cost a lot of money to get complete drawings of the AS 34? At the end of the article it is suggested that there is a sister ship to the AS 34 named # 667. I wonder if it has been published further information on this project?


      Fredrik Jeppsson
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