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69419FL120 2010 Pic - On Bolger Sweet Pea lines. Ya don't say? Hmmm... now that's som

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  • c.ruzer
    Mar 22, 2013
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      "Merlin" a 23' 1.5x scale-up of "Sweet Pea"

      About Merlin: <SNIPPED COMMENTS>
      "looks great"
      "sails great"
      "class act of the fleet"
      "knock out"
      "going to windward like a train"
      "a big, ballasted centerboard and a big square fixed rudder on a skeg"
      "drew around 18-22" with the board up and that was at the rudder"
      "may have had some additional internal ballast"
      "rudder and skeg appeared to be ~1/4" flat aluminum plate"
      "~6hp Tohatsu in a well mounted forward of the rudder"
      "Rig is a wooden mast, owner-built, in a tabernacle. It's a simple rig, four stays with no spreaders"
      "big low-aspect main and what looks to be a ~115% masthead jib on hanks. Not complicated at all."
      "used Bolger's lines for the hull shape and designed everything else himself"
      "The cabin is completely open at the aft end, making the cabin and cockpit one continuous space. The hard dodger could have plastic windows fitted to enclose everything in case of cold or wet. She had two good berths, a small galley with sink and stove, and that's about all I remember."
      "Only criticism I have of the build is minor: He used plain old sand to make the decks non-skid. And non-skid they are! But they would be hard one's bare feet and knees if you liked to sail that way. Otherwise, I'd say Merlin is about as close to perfect as you could get. I just found my notes and Merlin's builder is David Ware of Rockport, Texas. Really nice fellow and very patient to explain about his boat."

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