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69405RE: [bolger] Hot melt glue

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  • Mason Smith
    Mar 3, 2013

      Not I. It might hold things together for filleting and taping but is it compatible with the other glue you’re going to use? It would occupy spaces I want filled with the real thing, and I would worry that it would contaminate and compromise epoxy bonds. And in what way would it be better than wire or screws, or any easier to apply?

      I had a famous guitar-maker take my class at WoodenBoat School, and he brought an array of super-glues which he recommended for all sorts of quick jobs. These glues would hold surprisingly well but prevent getting epoxy where you want it, i.e. in complete coverage of surfaces to be joined.  


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      Anyone here like using hot melt glue to hold a small s&g boat
      assembly together? Is it (really) strong enough too hold curved
      plywood in shape while flipping or moving around? Does it clean up


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