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  • John Trussell
    Feb 28, 2013

      There is no free lunch.


      Bermuda mains require a longer mast. With a conventional boom, they generally require a boom vang. A sprit boom is a marvelous solution, but if you reef a sail with a sprit boom, the boom moves forward where it will interfere with a jib. Lowering any sail with a spar at its head can be a challenge, particularly in a breeze. In the case of lug sails, this can be made easier if the boat has lazy jacks, but the lazy jacks are a complication, requiring a little bit of hardware and quite a lot of line. I prefer a lug on small boats because it is efficient and fairly well behaved off the wind. Sprit sails use short spars which are easily stored and they are difficult to control off the wind. Pulling a sprit out of the sail on a breezy day can be a challenge, but a brailing line will take the stress out of this process. But nothing is perfect. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Each of us place different values on the advantages and disadvantages. The only valid reason to build your own boat (other than whatever pleasure you get from the process) is to have a boat that suits/pleases you. Build whichever rig you like.


      Anyone contemplating changing rigs would do well to read Jim Michalak’s essays on figuring centers of sail area, PCB’s 100 Small Boat Rigs, and David Nichol’s The Working Guide to Traditional Small-Boat Sails.


      Have fun.




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      hi folks,

      just a thought - but i find i have gone off lugs and balanced lugs unless they are easily controlled.  when it all starts getting a bit unsettling, i don't want a loose log up there in the sky banging around wanting to brain me - and another thing with most 'hoist a spar' rigs that ups my anxiety stakes is that as one eases the sheet when hard pressed they tend , instead of relaxing progressively, they can power up even more!  the popular sprit rig seems worst in this regard - like trying to go to windward with a parachute spinnaker, it powers up as you ease the sheet - then dumps the power all at once and flogs - most disconcerting!


      i was brought up on fully battened Bermudan mains - most civilized -  not only did the stress reduce progressively and proportionally as the sheet was eased but the full battens reduced the flogging (but i have experienced a gust so heavy it caused the battened main to flog - and so heavily it pulled me over - .....)


      i think that Phil was sensible to prefer leg o' mutton because they tend to self-tend and progressively feather off at the top.  they are long enough in the foot to have enough power in a simple sail , and the mast , though long, is heavily tapered (theoretically it can taper to nothing - or just enough to tie off to).  in the usual application of minimal sophistication this rig is all round forgiving (IMVHO!) - and the sprit boom further removes the risks of being clubbed


      frank (didn't mean to rant)


      ps just to complete my thesis i would suggest that the Fully Battened Bermudan is the natural fulfillment of the (misguidedly popular IMO) Junk rig.  - just don't use a bolt rope in a track - use slides or lacing so it dowses.

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      > > when spring gets to upstate ny i'll let you know how my Oldshoe with
      lug rig works. the mast is a lot easier to transport than the 19 footer originally planned for.
      > >
      > > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bolger/photos/album/1239860332/pic/624499304/view?picmode=&amp;mode=tn&amp;order=ordinal&amp;start=1&amp;count=20&amp;dir=asc
      > Just wanted to say that the balanced lug rig looks good on the Old Shoe -
      and is likely just what that boat needs to make it more user friendly. Looking forward to hearing how it works out!
      > Good luck - Dave Gentry
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