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  • John Trussell
    Feb 22, 2013



      Anything is possible. PCB says that the rig he used on Old Shoe is,”…the best all-around rig for daytime cruising in crowded waters.” I suspect he chose to use a sprit main sail in the Japanese Beach Cruiser because the short spars allow the rig to be taken down and stored inside the boat. I note that sails without booms are attractive because they don’t have a boom to hit someone’s head. However, they do require some care in arranging sheeting and they present some challenges sailing off the wind. Unless you are having problems stepping the mast, I would be inclined to keep the original rig and get new sails.




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      4 years ago I built Oldshoe which has been much enjoyed and well sailed. I am coming round to a major maintenance and wondering whether to order a suit of sails to replace the polytarp ones I have used until now. In all fairness I love the boat and the way it works for what it is.

      Sitting in my dreaming chair the other day I was struck yet again when reading BWAOM by the similarity in size and layout between these two designs and started thinking (always dangerous). I first was tempted to take the JBC rig which would be so much easier to transport and rig than Oldshoes. I then went on to notice that JBC does not have the well in the bow and stern, thereby effectively sailing in her full length rather than a 8.5' watertight envelope within a 12' boat. Then, of course the leeboards are great fun and so on and so forth.

      Any ideas on how the JBC rig would go with Oldshoe keeping the keel and inboard. Rudder? I don't fancy taking the lead keel off to experiment with leeboards... (At least yet).

      Santiago , Chile
      (Studying my AS39 plans)

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