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69370Oldshoe / Japanese beach cruiser

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  • David
    Feb 22, 2013
      4 years ago I built Oldshoe which has been much enjoyed and well sailed. I am coming round to a major maintenance and wondering whether to order a suit of sails to replace the polytarp ones I have used until now. In all fairness I love the boat and the way it works for what it is.

      Sitting in my dreaming chair the other day I was struck yet again when reading BWAOM by the similarity in size and layout between these two designs and started thinking (always dangerous). I first was tempted to take the JBC rig which would be so much easier to transport and rig than Oldshoes. I then went on to notice that JBC does not have the well in the bow and stern, thereby effectively sailing in her full length rather than a 8.5' watertight envelope within a 12' boat. Then, of course the leeboards are great fun and so on and so forth.

      Any ideas on how the JBC rig would go with Oldshoe keeping the keel and inboard. Rudder? I don't fancy taking the lead keel off to experiment with leeboards... (At least yet).

      Santiago, Chile
      (Studying my AS39 plans)
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