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69351Re: paul fisher's loose moose 11 and phil bolger's loose moose 11

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  • loosemoosefilmworks
    Feb 12, 2013
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      Pretty much...

      We asked Phil to design Loose Moose 2 but he told us that he had a huge backlog and could not get to it for a few years. As a result we commissioned Selway Fisher to design a boat for us...

      We were all set to build the Selway Fisher design except the boat occupying our building site was not quite ready to launch and the Selway Fisher design, under second thought, was looking less and less like the boat we actually wanted...

      So we wrote Phil as something of a hail Mary and, as it happened, he had just had someone cancel and had a hole in his schedule.

      A couple of months later we had the plans Phil drew for the real Loose Moose 2 and less than a year later we were sailing it.

      Best thing we ever did!

      Bob & Sheila
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