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69327Re: [bolger] Re: Seaworthyness and stability Long Micro?

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  • Mike Graf
    Feb 8, 2013
      Well said Bill and that's always the case on any small boat. the wind comes up waves build(opposing wind and current!)  Boat starts rocking, boom violently banging back and forth the funs just startin'  one hand for you and one for the boat  Only experience on your particular boat will show you the way to tame her. Reef points a must, old sailing sayings like "A Prudent sailor reefs early" start to make sense  A reef hook is precious, but 5-10 pieces of 1/4 inch line, 3 ft long and you can "reef" her down.   Tighten that halyard and get back to the tiller haul in the main and get her going..... If your a lucky sea dog you can let that mizzen out......sleep good tonight

      On 02/08/2013 01:50 PM, William wrote:

      In my experience, one of the biggest impediments to readily reefing my LM is the wave action, and not so much the wind. When I sail on a smallish, madmade lake in Texas, I can reef without much drama. The fetch on this lake is 4 miles at most and the waves never get very large. But when I'm on the Great Lakes the waves can be considerable (considerable for an LM). I've seen Pat's movies and I see that he's been in some big waves too. Big waves push bow off the wind, let the boom swing to-and-fro, and can even wrap a loosened halyard around the mast (I have a steaming light on my mast, and that danged thing snags the halyard when I'm not careful). Perhaps one of the differences between Micro owners' experiences reefing, and LM owners' experiences is due to the sailing grounds and hence the waves? Add in a longer boom, bigger mainsail, and longer cabintop (thus farther from cockpit to mast) and you have just a smidge more excitement when tying a reef in an LM?

      My reefing system uses sail ties (6 for the 1st reef, 5 for the 2nd). I MUST go to the mast, to hook the new clew point, and to tie in the first few reef points. Not a big deal. Just a time to be mindful and cautious. A little dry mouthed anxiety helps focus the mind. And none of this should be interpreted by anyone as a critique of the beloved LM, nor as a suggestion that the LM is unsafe, flawed, or less than perfect.

      Bill, in Texas (where the waves at NOT bigger)

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Pat wrote:
      > Hi Myles
      > Thanks for sharing your procedure for reefing but could you elaborate on
      > the reefing hook arrangement. When you say "My sail was on a track with a
      > reefing hook attached...". Do you mean you have a line to the reefing hook
      > from the cock pit?
      > I was just doing a bit of research on the advantages of a wishbone boom
      > similar to the Canadian Nonesuch design. A bit more complicated in
      > construction and rigging but the lazy jack seems to solve the reefing
      > problems.
      > Cheers
      > Pat
      > vid of Nonesuch reefing sytem
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgoJWgDnDe8

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