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69296RE: [bolger] Seaworthyness an stability Long Micro?

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  • Mason Smith
    Feb 3, 2013

      Long Micro must be great I’m sure but regular Micro meets your requirements very well. I have two Micros and want to sell one, or even both. One is new but unfinished, the other pretty new and complete, both with trailers, spars, sails, Honda 8s. See them on the group, on Bolger4Sals, Sailingtexas, or my site, www.adirodackgoodboat.com. ---Mason


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      Subject: [bolger] Seaworthyness an stability Long Micro?



      Hello together

      Im looking for a small cruising boat for 2 people.It should be able to go for coastal cruising even in rough conditions and should sail well in lightwind conditions also. Daysailing with 4 people should be done inshore too....

      So I saw the Long Micro. She is a very special boat and Im surching for any informations about her.

      Did or does someone serious coastal cruising with her and can tell me more about how secure this boat is or where the limits of her are?

      It would be nice to hear as much as possible about her.



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