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69251Re: Mission #1 in support of PB&F

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  • Stephen Kandul
    Jan 21, 2013
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      >>>> Bruce Hallman's remark that this design was a new one for him sort of stopped me cold.
      As they say "I'll be darned..." - I'd rather someone did my socks...- but I could have sworn that Phil/we had run Design #410 in the decades-long MAIB Bolger-On-Design narrative. But I seem to be mistaken. Has anyone else another set of lenses through which to scan that stack of articles ?


      I took a look at the pictures Bruce posted links to of the vessel.   Near as I can tell it was not featured in MAIB in past ten or so years.  Seems like you have found a follow-on topic to write up once that Navy landing craft/patrol boat splashes…


      Now, about those study plans for a boat with Elco “happy smack” characteristics, and Bolger innovation and functionality…??  Awaiting your reply.


      Regards, SSK

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