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69229RE: [bolger] Elco 26 Imitation??

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  • Wayne Gilham
    Jan 19, 2013



      great cabin , it's all-view.  Forward and aft cockpit.  Designed for Bernie Wolfard, who was wheelchair-bound, thus NO PROBLEM to move about.


      "snipping" from prior posts of others here, about this boat:


      here is what PCB writes:

      Tennessee is lighter, cheaper in materials, quicker to build, and more efficient with low power (ten horsepower is ample and as much as she can efficiently use).  Idaho is stronger, faster with more power, and has more useful space as designed.  They are about equally capable in rough water.  neither is  properly called seaworthy, defined as "having the ability to keep the sea in all weather with reasonable safety."  In either you should expect to exercize prudence as to weather in the Bay!


      and from others: 


      TN is a displacement hull, designed for low power and low speeds. 10-15 HP

      gives 10-12 mph max, cruise at 8  mph. Putting a bigger engine on TN won't

      make it go much faster, it would just make bigger waves.


      ID is a planing hull, designed to operate at higher speeds given adequate

      horsepower. 25-35 HP gives 20+ mph. ID should cruise at a higher speed than

      TN, maybe 12 mph.



      For those who are incredulous about this boat's reported smoothness in a chop, see this YouTube video from one launched in Argentina -- go to minute 2:00 thru 2:54 for shots of her cruising so un-ruffled in a good chop... amazing!     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vox3gnHtAE4



      Wayne Gilham

      who hasn't yet committed to building one of these, but sure is tempted....






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      Is anyone aware of any Bolger designs that mimic the rough size and style of the Elco 26 power boat?  I am an aging fat guy with bad legs and I like the standing head room, fore hatch to stand in when handling anchor, big hatch to get on/off deck/cockpit, and wide open cockpit for folding deck chair and wine cooler with overhead cover.  Regards, SSK

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