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69215Composite nails

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  • oddbjornjonassen
    Jan 18, 2013
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      There have been some discussions about composite nails in this group. I would very much like to have an update on this.

      More specifically i am wondering if anyone has any experience on using such fastenings (e. g. Raptor nails) when doubling the bottom of, for instance William D. Jochems, or other sailing yachts of Bolger design. I would like to avoid having to remove a lot of drywall screws , especially since some of them often is broken when driving or removing and might rust in the years to come. I know that they are capsuled in epoxy but I think it is better to avoid the risk and perhaps also reduce the time taken to build the boat.

      An other use I also would like to try is to fix the plywood skin to the framework with such nails. I also hope that one could save some time and avoid the epoxy starting to set off before I have finished driving the temporary drywall screws.

      Pardon my English.

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