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69167RE: [bolger] What's different about a Micro II from a Micro?

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  • Mason Smith
    Jan 6, 2013
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      I received drawings for Micro II and Micro Navigator along with the unfinished but very well built Micro I got from Charles McCabe and have for sale at cost. Without looking at the plans again, I believe the differences between Micro II and Micro have to do with the Chinese junk rig. Perhaps the Navigator tabernacle and consequent bow modifications are part of II as well. This boat that I have could be finished in any of the three versions, though the Micro cabin and cockpit are nearly finished and would have to be torn out to make it a Navigator. ---Mason


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      I can't seem to find anything in the pix, files, or messages addressing the differences. First reference to Micro II is in 2004.


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