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  • Douglas Pollard
    Dec 27, 2012
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      suHere in the Shenandoah mountings honey locust is used for fence posts and the lowest wood in barns becuse it is very slow to rot.  Compared to black locust you are right. Any farmer will use black locust over honey locust but they use either in most cases. Compared to teak it is very rot resistant. Of course as has been brought up there is osage orange that is also rot resistant.  For boats it may be more important that the wood is worm resistant as almost no wood rots under water anyway.  A boat built from either sugar or black locust will last through several generations of one family. The black locust is really hard to use so I think less desirable as boat lumber.  The wood in a boat is not particularity rot prone  the bottom of a fence post is.             Doug

       12/27/2012 08:35 AM, Crandall, Chris S. wrote:

      Honey locust (gleditsia triacanthos) and Black locust (robinia pseudoacacia, family Fabaceae) hare a common name, but are not otherwise related. They both have good qualities, but not the same qualities. Honey locust is not particularly rot resistant.


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