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69087A new boat material maybe

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  • Douglas Pollard
    Dec 5, 2012
      This is really neat! Go take a look at this thing. Of course they are
      just finishing up the prototype If it works as advertises It will change
      a lot of things. I keep thinking about small transportation vehicles
      and boats that can skim just over the ocean and set down an anchor. I
      have been arguing for a couple of years the merits of skin over frame
      boats and of course getting poo-pooed . Still they claim the material
      is shrapnel and bullet resistant. So this may be the material I have
      been yearning for? Have been arguing how is it we don't have a material
      in these modern times that could be stretched over a frame and sail
      across an ocean?? Saint Brendin sort of had one and it was called
      leather and supposedly they sailed it across the Atlantic. This thing is
      really interesting from a bating point of view and If I were younger I'd
      pack up my junk and move out there and badger them until they gave me a
      job :-)