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69083Re: Dynamite Sailboard hull for Stand Up Paddleboard?

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  • Andrew
    Dec 2, 2012
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      have you seen the current issue of Woodenboat magazine, there is an article with design in there for a plywood SUP.

      I hired a plastic SUP the other week for the first time. I noted that it was completely flat on the bottom with three little fin skegs, somewhat like some surfboards. It was wide, I am guessing 30", and the width was carried fore and aft for most of it's length, making it more or less rectangular with rounded ends. This shape made for surprising stability and yet it tracked reasonably well. Windage was a problem - your body acts like a sail and it is hard work to paddle upwind - keeping straight up wind was much harder than down wind.

      I suspect the payson board is too narrow and tapered too much at the bow to be an easy SUP. I tried standing up on an old windsurfer board last year, about 24" wide but with tapering toward bow and stern and found it almost impossible. you need that stability if your going to stand up and raise the centre of gravity.

      That said, all of my family enjoyed the sUP.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "jdmeddock" <jmeddock@...> wrote:
      > My wife wants a Stand Up Paddleboard, she has never used one and neither have I.
      > We could rent one at the beach next summer to get some knowledge, but that means a trip to the beach and I hate the beach... And I'm outta time.
      > I'm thinking I will build a Dynamite Sailboard hull for her for Christmas.
      > Has anyone ever used a SUP and can you comment on important attributes
      > for a SUP and if Dynamite board may be useable as a SUP?
      > I see CLC has a kit/plans for one that is close in length but a bit wider. CLC board has a shallow Vee bottom, so probably a wash stability-wise (or should that be awash ;-0)
      > It will just be for flat water lake use to start with.
      > If she likes it and wants one for waves I would probably buy her a "real" one later if the Dynamite board won't work in low surf.
      > Justin
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