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69081Re: Dynamite Sailboard hull for Stand Up Paddleboard?

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  • captjbturtle
    Dec 2, 2012
      Hi Justin. I used a Dynamite sailboard as a windsurfer back in about 1983 in Florida.
      It worked well. Being longer than most windsurfers it sliced along nicely.
      It was stable enough for a six foot 180 man to stand on easily.
      Two years ago I built an sup to my own design but quite similar.
      It is 30 inches wide and 17 feet long and works well. HOWEVER.
      it is very heavy. As Phil said, when you add a deck you double the weight so its much heavier than a kayak and therefore hard to move n shore.
      Instead of a deep fin like most commercial sups use I use a long fared in skeg which allows it to go though weeds well. a big consideration. Also if you build it airtight you need a vent to reliev air pressure or you can split the glass taped chines.
      In addition I have found that SUPs are very wind sensitive. Downwind fine but dont try to paddle to windward standing up wich of course means they are useless as a SUp half the time
      On the pro side however they paddle as well as a kayak when you are sitting down so I keep a kayak paddle aboard at all times which doubles your value. We use it mainly to paddle through weeds to deeper water where we can swim then climb back aboard. Something you cannot do from most kayaks.
      I would build a shrter and slghtly wider one next time with plentgy of rocker to keep the bow and tail from dragging. A simple hard chine design flat bottomed works well.
      good luck, john
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