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69079Dynamite Sailboard hull for Stand Up Paddleboard?

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  • jdmeddock
    Dec 1, 2012
      My wife wants a Stand Up Paddleboard, she has never used one and neither have I.
      We could rent one at the beach next summer to get some knowledge, but that means a trip to the beach and I hate the beach... And I'm outta time.
      I'm thinking I will build a Dynamite Sailboard hull for her for Christmas.

      Has anyone ever used a SUP and can you comment on important attributes
      for a SUP and if Dynamite board may be useable as a SUP?

      I see CLC has a kit/plans for one that is close in length but a bit wider. CLC board has a shallow Vee bottom, so probably a wash stability-wise (or should that be awash ;-0)

      It will just be for flat water lake use to start with.
      If she likes it and wants one for waves I would probably buy her a "real" one later if the Dynamite board won't work in low surf.

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