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69074Xmas-Tree Rig again (was, some time ago, Re: Isometric, 19ft6in 'Minimum Proa')

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  • c.ruzer
    Nov 21, 2012
      Joe Norwood's _Practical Proas_ report to the AYRS on the Minimum Proa and that rig is at page 42 here http://www.ayrs.org/Catalyst_N03_Jan_2001.pdf (He found the steering to be good, indeed the boat appears to have given him much pleasure.)

      To refresh, others found the rig problematic http://proafile.com/archive/article/rig_options_bolger
      however the fascination http://proafile.com/archive/article/the_zen_of_proa continues with further developments under way in search of the well mannered quick bidirectional cambered shunting sail
      Perhaps, as is suggested there, in the earlier trial excessive roach was a problem?

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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Susanne@..." <philbolger@...> wrote:

      > Very interesting test-report on the 'Chistmas-Tree' rig.
      > I believe the only proa-based report we ever saw was Joe Norwood's piece on his scaled-up (10%?) Bolger-Proa-20. Phil of course tried it on his CANARD, if memory serves correctly.
      > It's been too long since we looked at that rig, see MAIB Vol24#1,2, and 4 (starting May 15, 2006):
      > - I'd have to take time to think through why you could not control your rate of acceleration at the tail-end of the shunting-process
      > - higher-wind correct reefing-options should help more, as Part 3 of that series on the 60 shows very 'civilized' proportions of areas emerging ahead and behind the axes.
      > - while there seems some dogma that Proas should always be smaller, the 60-footer's two-masted rig might offer further balance and trim-options, assuming speed-control and thus shunting-speed control are doable.
      > Very good reference. More work to do...
      > Susanne Altenburger, PB&F

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      > From: Bruce Hallman
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      > On Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 2:00 PM, Tom Sorensen <tdsoren@...> wrote:
      > > here's an excellent issue by someone that actually tried the rig. there were some issues that Bolger actually alluded too in his own review. The primary ones being the easily stalled fine leading edge, and the second being the sheeting issues.
      > > I've wondered if making it a permanently sheeted, rotating rig might be a good solution....

      > >
      > > Tom

      > Thanks, that article is eye opening.
      > One snippet quote: "There is simply not enough time during this
      > power-on process to accomplish all the tasks needed to reverse the
      > boat, so one is left with finishing up the shunting process while the
      > boat is screaming along at a mad rate."
      > Certainly, this boat would get your adrenaline pumping!
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