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  • Tom Pee
    Nov 6, 2012
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      I was wrong and prrsumptious with the three points. 1. The hull height cant really be reduced for full hdrm. Thought it was possible to use reull parker method but the frames are necessary for square sides. 2. Winglets will cause more harm than good. 3. Keel would result in a completely different type of boat and hull shape would change considerably. The design is brilliant for intended purposes.
      It would still make a good sea boat beyond most peoples expectations provided all systems are reliable and water tight.
      On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 2:43 PM PST Tom Pee wrote:

      >Puffer concept could fulfill the same requirements as Phil described for Illinois.  Cruising riverways, lakes, and carefully selected passage times to cross the Gulfstream to the Bahama's.   He designed the forward box keel to satisfactorly part waters, along with at least 2,000 gallons of water storage (8 tons ) for stability.   Its most useful purpose would be as a very comfortable dock queen and when needed, quite able to move on its own without much trouble.

      >For future builders, Illinois will be a very capable sea boat.   With a stout hull, good ports/hatches and a reliable outboard, it will make fast passages with a steady and kind motion.   Very easy to go beyond what Phil intended for the design as it has even better hull form than the proven as39, so here go the hated changes for improvement. 
      >1. There is room for lowering the freeboard,using the hull bottom as floor, at least 10" of the top should be cutoff.  Without a doubt this will improve windage and rolling behavior.
      >2. As long as the hull is moving forward it will beautifully handle itself but, in more turbulent waters the OB will need all the help it can get to accomplish this, so with the the money saved cutting of the top, use it to add 3" Matt Layden type winglets at the chines to reduce up/down heaving.  These two changes keep same overall costs.
      >3. For fulltime ocean capable boat add full keel (as55 type) and diesel power.  Adds draft with overall 1% additional expense for keel.  Dry exhaust/keel cooling keep similiar costs vs OB.  

      >Changes the type of cruising grounds visualized by Phil in his article, to more foriegn and exotic locations with same low costs possible other than additional fuel to get there.    
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      >That Puffer was a concept published in MAIB in sequence with #630, Illinois. The intent was to be a house boat with some mobility vs a true cruiser. I don't believe there is a completed plans set for this boat.
      >Sorry to say that because it was a concept there wasn't much detail in the brief MAIB article. I agree that maintenance access would be through a hatch beneath the bed. I also thought the lifting mechanism for the small boat might be available to hoist a motor if needed.
      >I really liked the living space of this concept though I was even more intrigued by Illinois, that, with another 100hp I thought could be a nice river cruiser live-aboard.
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